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Sexuality and Four Letter Words

SLut I think we should remove that word from our vocabulary. It’s (late) International Women’s Day 2016 and people are still calling each other that four letter word. Why. We are so beyond this as a society and I genuinely don’t understand how someone can […]

They’re Exes For a Reason

Gather round, children. It’s time for me to impart some of the wonderful advice my father has given me and years of experience (I know I say this as a 19 year old with like, 5 years of experience, but it’s experience nonetheless!) has reinforced. […]

On Breakups

It’s 3:07 AM, it’s my birthday, my paper is due Monday,and I got dumped. Again. By the same person as before. And someone else. Wow. I know what you’re thinking:┬áthis is nothing, there are bombings and refugees, and homelessness and so many pressing social and […]