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Thoughts From Finals Week

It’s the most terrible time of the year

No I’m not an atheist referring to Christmas or someone who hates spending time with family hating on the holiday season. I am but a simple college freshman experiencing my first finals week. And let me tell you, it is not a fun time.

As someone who was an overachiever in high school, I was always exempt from my finals, so I have absolutely no clue how to take a comprehensive exam. Or an exam that counts for a ridiculously high percentage of  my final grade. This, paired with the fact that I also have no idea how to study, makes for a very interesting first finals week.

So here’s the breakdown of my finals week according to my schedule of 16 hours and 5 classes:

Due to an unfortunate attendance error on my part, (who knew you have to go to class to pass it??) I did not have to take my french final, seeing as I’m going to fail no matter what and it would just be a waste of my time. So that takes out one final.

Pilates doesn’t have a final seeing as it’s ya know, pilates, so that takes out another final.

My “final” for comp 2, the absolute joke of a class that I only had to take because my AP Lit teacher ill prepared all of us for the AP test and therefore I definitely did not get the 5 on the test I needed in order to get credit, was a poster.  A literal poster. Not even a paper,  a tri-fold poster with glitter glue on it. So that takes out yet another final.

So now it comes down to my remaining two classes: understanding art and mass communications: two classes I definitely did not want to take a comprehensive final for.

My understanding art final was actually a make up exam from September, but don’t be fooled. It was a pain in the ass. While studying more may have helped slightly, unless I magically developed a photographic memory and stared at my textbook I was not going to do well on this exam. And plot twist: I didn’t. My grade hasn’t been returned to me, as my professor is extremely old school and doesn’t post grades on D2L, a quality I once found charming (during syllabus week, of course), butI can tell you right now I didn’t get any higher than a 70 on that exam, adding to the wonderful line up of exam grades that read as follows: 44% on exam 2 and 78% on exam three. I probably needed like a 300% on exam 1 in order to get a decent grade in the class, so now I’m just hoping for a high D. If only high school me could see me now.

I have yet to take my mass communications final, but while studying for it (the night before) I have realized that I did not retain any of the information from the following exams and now have to reteach it to myself in the 14 hours I have before my exam tomorrow. But, I expect to make at lowest a B, bringing my overall grade to either a high B or low A. So that could be worse.

My whole experience with OU finals week has taught me a lot of valuable information that I will take with me into my next semester.

1. fucking go to class

When everyone tells you to go to class, don’t brush them off and say you don’t need to. You need to. Even if you have a 98% in the class, if it takes attendance and you miss 15 days by some act of God, you are so absolutely fucked. I know your bed is warm and your 10:30 is all the way across campus, BUT YOU NEED TO GO. Take it from me. Learn from my mistake. Go to class.

2. do not take two honors classes at the same time

This isn’t so much information I learned myself, but that was handed down to me by someone far wiser than I. If you’re planning to take 18 hours, two of which are honors classes, while working a part time job at which you typically work 20 hours, while also interning at the school newspaper, don’t. Rethink your life, dumb ass. You couldn’t even make it to french every day, do not take two honors classes your second semester of college while doing everything else imaginable. It can wait until your senior year. Thankfully I have wonderful people in my life that gave me that reality check before it was too late and I was halfway into the semester having a mental breakdown so large it would register on the Richter scale. So don’t do that either. We can not do that together, like an anti suicide pact that saves our mental health.

3. schedule yourself a lunch break

You make think you can make it to 2:30 to eat lunch while also not eating breakfast but homie you are WRONG. You can’t make it and also you will never remember to throw a granola bar in your backpack so just do yourself a solid and schedule yourself at least 40 minutes around 11 or 12 to run to the union and grab something to eat and probably some coffee, because let’s face it, you need a little motivation to get your ass to class.

4. fucking go to class

That’s how important this one is. I put it in here twice. Go to class, idiot. (side note, this is me to myself, I am the idiot. You are not. You are beautiful and lovely and very intelligent. And I love what you’ve done with your hair today)

5. get to know your professors

The better your professors know you, the more likely they are to bump your grade up just a smidge and cut you some slack when you miss class. Especially if there’s some sort of outside reason for why you didn’t do something, i.e. you were so depressed you couldn’t get out of bed that day, just explain it to your professor and they’ll usually understand. Professors are people too.

On that note, I’m going to get back to studying. Good luck to all of you taking finals currently and fuck you to those who have already finished. Just kidding, I love you. I didn’t mean it. Stop walking away from me and let me love you.Have a wonderful break, all you college students. You deserve it.

Au revior,




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