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Find Your Paris

Since I was young I knew I wanted to go to Paris. I dreamt of strolling along the Seine, cafe au lait in hand, taking in the scenery and speaking fluent French to all the locals. I knew deep down that someday I would either […]

My Disorder is Not a Costume: Ways Not to Be an Asshole on Halloween

            So like any normal person, I have a problem with this. But as a person that has had a lifelong struggle with anorexia, I REALLY have a problem with this. So buckle up, kids. This is going to be […]

The Coffee House on Cherry Street

In downtown Tulsa, in an artsy little district commonly referred to as the Cherry Street District­,–so named for the street running through it–sandwiched between a bike shop and a Gothic style cathedral, is a tiny local coffee shop decorated with twinkly Christmas lights year round. The Coffee House on Cherry Street, lovingly nicknamed CHOCS by the employees and regulars, is one place I always feel completely at ease. Walking in, I’m greeted by the melodious hum of the coffee machines churning out the brew of the day and the whirring of milk being frothed for countless lattes. Just inside the door, I see my favorite barista standing behind the monstrous pastry case, which is packed with gluten free and vegan treats, and the enticing aroma of freshly pulled espresso envelops me in redolent embrace. The whole experience is like stepping into a hot shower: warm and inviting, shrouding me with an overwhelming sense of security and comfort.

The Coffee House on Cherry Street has always served as a home away from home, and I almost feel more at ease sitting at my favorite table, sipping a latte and reading a novel, than I do sitting in my own living room. The welcoming atmosphere of the coffee shop has provided a setting for events from all facets of my life. It has been the backdrop for first–and last–dates, a hideout for me to escape from the distractions of social media to devote an afternoon to studying for the SAT or researching colleges, and a place of reconciliation for old friends that have long since lost touch and wish to reconnect. The wise baristas have witnessed some of the highs and lows of my life all throughout high school, from laughter filled assemblages with friends, to my tearful admission to close confidants of struggling with severe anxiety and an increasingly more prevalent eating disorder, followed by the prompt resolution to seek help.

No matter the issue, I know I can always find solace and comfort in the warm embrace of the coffee scented air at The Coffee House on Cherry Street. It will always serve as a sanctuary for me, and even once I’ve moved away and long since discovered new haunts, I can always rest assured knowing the quaint little coffee house by the bike shop will always bear meaning to me and be waiting for me to order a latte, curl up with an F.Scott Fitzgerald novel, and come home.


Am I Studying or Watching Netflix?: The Art of Studying in College

The age old question: Am I being productive or am I binge watching Friends for the 5th time while sitting in the library looking like I’m doing something really important? For the majority of first year students, it’s unfortunately usually the latter until the day […]

I Read it Because Oprah Told Me To: Modern Book Publishing at Its Finest

We’ve all been there. We’ve all bought coffee for our friends or handed out candy on Halloween and done our best Oprah impression. You get a coffee, and you get a coffee, EVERYBODY GETS A COFFEE! Pop culture is obviously a pretty crucial part of our lives, […]


Why hello there! You look nice today! I just love what you’ve done with your hair. Welcome to This all started as an assignment for my Intro to Mass Communications class at the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner and all that jazz) and will hopefully turn into a place for my thoughts to be shared with the world. I’ll most likely discuss a wide variety of subjects that are near and dear to my heart, ranging from coffee to eating disorders, as well as the occasional JMC assignment post, after all I am after that 4.0! So I hope you’ll stick with me as I figure out how to form a good online presence, hone in on my digital literacy skills, and figure out how to live my life to the fullest while sharing it with my lovely readers.

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