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How to Have a Beach Body

negative ad

I hate this ad.

There are many reasons why I hate this ad, but I’ll just focus on the highlights so as not to have a three mile long article full of profanity and anger.

Reason #1 why this ad is garbage: What even is a beach body?? To me, one can determine if they have a beach body by following two simple steps:

  1. Do you have a body?
  2. Are you on the beach?

CONGRATULATIONS you have a beach body. Continue frolicking in the sand and enjoying your positive body image to your heart’s content.

Reason #2 why this ad  makes me boil with rage: Why is it only a woman featured in this ad? This may just be me reaching for things to pick at, but it seems a little sexist to me that only women should be concerned about being thin and fitting a certain criteria of beauty in order to go out in public and if fulfills a gross stereotype while also objectifying women by what their bodies look like and not what their skills are or what their personalities are like.

Reason #3 why this ad is stupid and also dumb: It’s triggering. For people with low self esteem, eating disorders, or a negative body image, this is something that could make them feel negatively about themselves and force them to begin to wonder why their body doesn’t look like that and why they can’t be considered “beautiful,” even if they’re at the lowest weight that their body can hold without entering into medical starvation or potentially dying.

I know I vent about things like this a lot, but this topic is incredibly important to me. It makes my heart hurt that some people would see something like this and want to change their bodies to model some arbitrary standard of beauty set by the media and reinforced by years of positive feedback.

This ad is annoying. It is not representative of reinforcing healthy body image standards in young women. So instead, I think this ad should look a little something like these:

positive adpostive ad 2

positive ad 4

The fact that more than one organization felt the need to redo this ad and did so warms my heart, because it shows that there are people out there who saw a problem and found a resolution. People like you and me who see the beauty in every person and know that the size of a bikini does not equal the amount of worth allotted to a person, something that has taken me years to understand.

So the question still stands: how do you get a perfect beach body?

You put on a swimsuit, give the world your best smile, and show everyone the confidence you have, letting it radiate from you with the warm glow of self esteem, and hopefully others will do the same.

Au revior,


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