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My Disorder is Not a Costume: Ways Not to Be an Asshole on Halloween

anna rexia







So like any normal person, I have a problem with this. But as a person that has had a lifelong struggle with anorexia, I REALLY have a problem with this. So buckle up, kids. This is going to be a long and ranty post. Here we go.

Anorexia is not sexy. It is not chic. It is not glamorous. It is deadly and it is terrible. But it is so much more than being a little concerned about the size of your thighs or whether or not your stomach rolls when you bend at the waist. It is an obsession with how much food, if any, goes into your body. It is feeling like you are never, ever thin enough, even if the majority of the bones in your body are visible through a layer of thin, dull, lifeless skin. It is about never feeling beautiful, accepted, or good enough to warrant the love and respect of those around you. It is about feeling dizzy all the time. It is about finding huge clumps of hair falling out in the shower when you wash out your conditioner, leaving a small bald spot that never quite goes away. It is about growing a fine layer of hair over your entire body, like a duckling covered in down, because the fat content of your body is so unbelievably low that your own body can’t keep itself warm and prevent you from getting hypothermia without it. It is about slowly dying, killing yourself in the most deliberate and restrictive way, while all of your friends tell you how good you look and how they are jealous of how thin you are. You get so lethargic that you don’t realize who you are anymore. All you know is that you want to be thinner still. Always thinner.

You can see why it would be upsetting for someone, having experienced all of the things listed above and more, to see this costume. It makes a mockery of all the hard work people with eating disorders exert in order to say they’ve recovered. It makes them feel like they never did recover. It makes them feel like they’re still that insecure walking skeleton. At least that’s what it feels like for me.

Therefore, instead of dressing up as a literal disease for Halloween, I have a proposed list of things that would be more appropriate, taking this blog post from being spoopy and creppy and serious to being just a little bit lighter.

5 Costumes Better than “Anna Rexia”

audrey hepburn halloween

  1. Audrey Hepburn

    : Follow in my heel clad footsteps and  be the incarnate of class herself, Audrey Hepburn. It’s a chic, sophisticated, and easy costume. You just need a black dress, black heels, black elbow length gloves, and pearls. then just throw your hair in a bun and do your best 40s style makeup and BOOM. Audrey Hepburn.


2. A Planet:

This one doesn’t look too hard either. Anyone worth their salt at crafting could make this bad boy in minutes flat. You could take the approach Buzzfeed took and go with Pluto, the little planet that couldn’t, or you could take the far preferred and much more childish tact and go as Uranus and ask people to stop staring.

dorian grey

3. Dorian Grey and His Painting:

This brings out the inner literary nerd in me and I love it to pieces. Someone please do this and send me a picture of it because this is clever as fuck.

van gogh costume

4. An Artist and a Painting:

Grab a buddy and go as your favorite artist and their best (or most easily reproducable) painting. Boom. Easy (kinda).

deer costume

5. A Hunter and a Deer:

This one came to me by the grace of Pinterest, and is what my boy and I will be doing for Halloween this year (don’t worry, pictures are to follow on Halloween). I’m just all for any contouring that looks this good, whether I have antlers or not.

See, there are so many better options than something that deeply offends and triggers millions of people worldwide. So be conscientious this Halloween.

dont be fucking rude

Au revoir,


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