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Sexuality and Four Letter Words


I think we should remove that word from our vocabulary. It’s (late) International Women’s Day 2016 and people are still calling each other that four letter word.


We are so beyond this as a society and I genuinely don’t understand how someone can look at another human being and comment on their sexuality when it is none of their fucking business.

I’ll admit it, I’ve been called a whore before. I’ve been called a slut before. I’ve been called everything under the sun. But why? If I was a man I wouldn’t be called anything. In fact, I would be high-fived.

But no. I get shamed because of who I am and how I view my own sexuality. And I’m sick and tired of having to justify myself to people who don’t have any right to know anything about my personal life, but think they do, and therefore speculate, pass judgement, and spread rumors about whether or not they think I’m as deserving of sex as any other person and whether or not I am a “whore.”

The most frustrating part of it all is that I know I’m not and I know all of the comments are coming from people that 1) clearly don’t understand gender equality and think that women aren’t as entitled to sex as men are, 2)clearly don’t understand how to be a decent person and at least keep their thoughts to themselves instead of telling the people closest to me, attempting to start a reputation for me as someone that I’m not and 3) clearly don’t understand that I have the right to do whatever the fuck I want with my own life. I know all of that, and I still let the opinion of someone so far beneath me upset me.

But I’m not going to do that anymore, and neither should you.

Whether or not you’ve been harassed because of who you sleep with or how frequently, you have the right to do pretty much whatever you want short of anything illegal, and no one else has the right to tell you you shouldn’t. No one has the right to make you feel inferior without your consent, so stop giving them your consent. Tigers don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep, and you shouldn’t care what the dumbfuck spreading rumors about you has to say. They are very clearly  closed-minded, idiotic, sexist, and their opinion means less than anyone else’s.

It’s time for people everywhere to step up and own their sexuality and actions, and to stand up for themselves.

And it’s time to stop calling people sluts. It’s just stupid.

It’s literally 2016, and as a society we should be able to move past the Victorian ideal that women should be submissive and modest and should never want sex, because let’s face it, women are people and therefore want and deserve sex as much as any man.

And no one should be shamed for that.

So in conclusion, stop shaming people for how much sex they have. Just stop it. It’s not anyone’s place to pass judgement on the sex life of any other person. Let’s take these words out of our repertoire and move on to acceptance. It’s time.

Au revior,


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